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What past clients have said about about my services? 

Please accept this letter of thanks for your amazing work with my daughter.  Her time with you has brought her speech skills up by leaps and bounds.  Thanks to you, she has a newfound clarity.  You were her third speech-language pathologist, but I greatly wish you had been her first.  For three years, she was served on-and-off by at least two other providers, neither of whom were able to fully resolve her speech issues.  In just one session with you, the change in her speech was remarkable.  After three sessions, her classroom teacher commented on the notable changes.  Since then, my daughter’s improved speech has remained consistent with no regression to her previous speech patterns.  Besides having a new confidence in speaking, my daughter also has a new perspective on speech therapy.  She genuinely enjoyed her time with you!  Your activities and strategies were perfectly matched to her age, her attention, and her interest.  I so appreciated the at-home speech exercises that you provided as well.  It really made me feel that I could contribute to this part of her development and as a parent, that empowered me.  Your explanations at every juncture were easy-to-understand, helpful, and insightful.  I am so grateful for what you have done for my little one and my family.  Communication is at the core of every interaction, every friendship, every career opportunity, every learning moment.  I can think of no other developmental skill more important than the ability to communicate - to understand and to be understood.  Hearing her communicate clearly for the first time, with happy tears in my eyes, while she proudly exclaimed, “Mommy, listen!” is something I will not forget. You are truly a natural and this is undoubtedly your calling.  -  Parent of S.C.

My experience with Nicole Sauer, for the past two years, has been pleasant and positive. Nicole brings an exciting upbeat environment, making learning fun for students, including my daughter. Nicole Sauer goes above and beyond to provide the resources needed for her students to prosper. Even materials outside of what is required of her. For example, she provided sight words and math study building skill resources for my Kindergarten student. This shows that Nicole Sauer wants the best for her pupils. In addition, she makes herself available for questions and extra help. Nicole responses promptly and in a timely matter. I’ve seen major improvements in my daughters  academics and confidence since being under Nicole Sauer’s care.

We loved Miss Nicole's Effective Speech Therapy Summer Camp class. My daughter was readily engaged and we found the language lessons to be beneficial as a platform for beginning Kindergarten in the fall.

Preschool summer camp was fun! Nicole kept the kids engaged by incorporating  songs and sticker charts, all while increasing focusing on letter identication and phonetic awareness skills. When not in class, my daughter would ask for the songs. Snice our class, my daughter points out letters throughout our day.  

She had a great time at the Summer camp. She loved singing the songs and has been repeating some of the word pairs used during the camp along with the hand motions that were taught. She looked forward to "her meeting" everyday and I saw improvement in her ability to recognize alphabet letters and pairing the right sound with each letter.

My 5 year old, who will be entering kindergarten in the fall, loved this class! It was a fun and engaging way learn and practice letters and sounds.

Overall I thought it was great and a good learning experience.

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