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      Nicole Sauer is the owner of Effective Speech Therapy, LLC.  She graduated from the University of Akron in 2015 with a Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She is licensed in the state of Ohio and board-certified with the American Speech Language Hearing Association.  

      Nicole worked in schools providing therapy to children with a wide variety of communication disorders for 5 years. Her early career focused on providing therapy to children with significant medical issues and communication challenges.  80% of her caseload did not communicate verbally.  This experience allowed Nicole to learn about many different kinds of alternative augmentative communication systems from low tech to high tech – picture exchange cards, Proloquo2go, Sonoflex, and different switches.

     Nicole opened her private practice in January of 2020 allowing her to treat children individually either in person or through teletherapy.    Nicole assesses each child determining their communication strengths and weaknesses then develops a therapy plan to most effectively target the goals.  


     Nicole’s ultimate goal is to make your child a better communicator.  Whether the goal is building expressive or receptive vocabulary, following directions, increasing comprehension skills, remediating  the incorrect production of letter sounds, or improving grammar, she provides scaffolded visual and verbal supports so your child achieves success right from the start.  The supports are faded away over time to achieve independence.  


      If you have a son or daughter in need of help with communication skills, reach out to Nicole to help.  She will start from where they are and will build their skills from there.

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