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What is teletherapy?   Why choose teletherapy?

Why choose Effective Speech Therapy?

What is teletherapy?  Teletherapy is delivering therapy services through video conferencing to another person who is in another location.    If you have used Facetime or Skype, the experience is similar.  The therapist is able to share their screen to access files, video, and websites to engage the child during the session.  Teletherapy recently came into the light through COVID19, but it has been around for more than 20 years.  Every year the technology and available resources are getting better and growing.

Why do people choose teletherapy?

Convenience.  Families no longer have to drive to facilities, wait in the lobby, receive services, and drive back.  Individual receive therapy services from their homes. Oftentimes, there are less missed appointments.

Increased Carryover. A family member sits beside the child or within an earshot if the child is older and is able to see and hear what I am working on and how I am targeting goals.  Carryover of the skills to the home environment increases. 


Quality and Confidentiality.  Outcomes from teletherapy services are consistent with the outcomes from in-service therapy.  Follow this youtube link from ASHA to hear what professionals say about teletherapy.

We use the Zoom technology platform.  We chose Zoom for the additional protection and functionality it provides.  Each family receives their own meeting ID and unique password for an additional layer of security.

Why choose Effective Speech Therapy?


We provide engaging 1:1 secure teletherapy sessions using evidence based practices to address deficits. Children reach their goals.  Effective Speech Therapy gives parents activities  to work on with their child through the week.  These activities are optional, but are useful.  Effective Speech Therapy is always researching new therapies to best address communication needs.


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