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Two important things that you can do with your kids. 

READ to them.  PLAY with them.

 Vocabulary knowledge is the single most important factor contributing to reading comprehension – Laflamme, 1997

Strive for 30.  Read at least 15.


15 minutes of reading a day is the minimum amount of reading that has shown to make significant difference in vocabulary development. 30,  if you want a huge impact. At graduation, their peers who averaged less than 15 minutes of reading per day are likely to be exposed to only 1.5 million words. The difference is more than 12 million words. Children in between, who read 15–29 minutes per day, will encounter an average of 5.7 million words—less than half of the high-reading group but nearly four times that of the low-reading group. . Between kindergarten and twelfth grade, students with an average daily reading time of 30+ minutes are projected to encounter 13.7 million words

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